Bright Lights, Little City: My Top 7 Tips for Visiting Las Vegas Solo

 Bright Lights, Little City: My Top 7 Tips for Visiting Las Vegas Solo

Photo: James Walsh

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Whether it’s your first trip to the strip or 50th, here are some suggestions to take your visit to Las Vegas to the next level.

One of the many amazing things about living in Los Angeles is it’s close proximity to other major cities. A 45-minute flight puts you in an entirely new state, making it very easy to take advantage of quick weekend getaways!

How I learned to love Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is known for many things, but for me, it’s my go-to when I want to take a very quick break from everything (2 days is all I ever need) and indulge in some fun, sun, and good eats. 

My love for Las Vegas did not come easily. If I’m being honest, I didn’t really enjoy my first couple of trips there. I felt it was overpopulated and overhyped. And after my first 2 group trips, I was pretty much over it. 

It wasn’t until I decided to take a chance and try Vegas on my own time and terms that I found it was the perfect place for a girl like me.

Jameca Lyttle

Visiting Las Vegas solo brought me a whole new experience.

I’m sure many things come to mind when you think of Las Vegas: gambling, bachelorette/bachelor parties, weddings, birthday celebrations, business conventions, etc. But for me, Las Vegas is a walkable playground housing sparkling, over-the-top architecture, world-class shopping, endless day and night party options for every taste, dazzling pools to sunbathe and relax, and my personal favorite – so many delicious and satisfying food options. 

I personally find Vegas is best-explored solo. Being surrounded by thousands of strangers provides a somewhat sense of comfort, so I’ve never found myself out of place or lonely. People are genuinely there to have a great time and that energy flows through the streets like electricity. I go pretty often, yet I’m always discovering new things by simply walking through the halls of a hotel, trying a new restaurant, or taking in a show. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Las Vegas. 

And while most things that happen there typically tend to stay in Vegas, I’ve met life long friends and have even served as a witness and Best Man/Maid of Honor to my best friend’s nuptials. It was a beautiful day that will stay with us for eternity, and wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for this amazing city. 

For all my solo travelers, Las Vegas is a great fun stop. To all my girls or guys who are itching to get away for a few days but don’t want to have to wait on friends to make a move, Vegas is a great option. 

You’ll find a plethora of online lists for fun things to do in Las Vegas and ways to save when visiting this adult playground, but I thought I’d create my own short-list of tips and to do’s for my fellow solo travelers who are ready to take on Sin City.

Tip 1: Bring comfortable shoes.

This is first on the list for a reason. Be prepared to walk, and walk, (and walk). From the hotels and the casinos to the vibrant and bustling strip, all the fun happens as you’re walking and taking in the sights, so it’s important to have comfortable shoes during your stay. And this includes when you’re going out to party, ladies. If I’m going to be a bit far from my hotel, I’ll always carry a handbag large enough to house my little foldable ballet flats, which you can find here. When I tell you these will be your saving grace, please believe me. If you want to just chalk it up to the game and step out in cute flats or sandals that’s an option as well. We all understand. But please, whatever you do, don’t be that girl. We all know who I’m talking about. The barefoot bandit. Lol, just kidding… but not really. 

But seriously, it’s not cute and it’s dangerous. Stay safe ladies. 

Tip 2: Take advantage of guest lists.

I visit Las Vegas to eat, relax and party, and I’ve found one of the perks of going solo is that access to parties is super easy. 

I’ve been able to sign up for guest lists to see Migos, Future, Rick Ross, G-Easy, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Miguel, Mustard, Marshmello and a few other popular artists for FREE 99. I typically scout the parties that are going on that weekend the week before and sign up for the Ladies Guest Lists. I’m emailed my tickets which I store in my Apple Wallet and I’m all set. In many cases, I double book, but it’s okay because you never know where the night will take you and it’s best to already have things in place for a Plan B should your itinerary for Plan A change. Walk on up, walk right through. Easy peasy.

Tip 3: Look out for early and late happy hour specials at some of your favorite restaurants.

Vegas can get a bit expensive if you’re not budgeting your spending. I have a few favorite restaurants on the fancier side and I find that taking advantage of early and late happy hours fills the belly and helps a bit with the pocketbook. You can usually get an idea of where the deals are by taking a look at the hotel magazine located in your room that features all of the restaurants on the strip. I’ve stayed at Caesars Palace, Palms, Encore, MGM and Aria to name a few and they all have them.

These magazines highlight the cuisine, price point, location, and any happy hours or deals. It’s sad but true – this is usually the first thing I pick up after dropping my bag. Having so much amazing food and so many delicious options only footsteps away is definitely my happy place, so sifting through the magazine and pinpointing a few places that I’ll visit is a great way to kick off my trip. The key to eating great in Las Vegas is balance. Take advantage of the happy hour and lunch specials from some of the pricier restaurants and hit up the 24-hour breakfast and pizza spots for your early and late-night cravings. 

Tip 4: Take in a show.

Taking in a show is a great way to kick off your night in Las Vegas. I typically will have an early dinner, then get my fill of entertainment before I step out for a late night of partying. There’s something for everyone – from burlesque, the infamous Cirque du Soleil, to (my personal favorite) magic shows. Watching a show in Vegas solo is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve been lucky enough to be gifted with a few tickets but there are a number of places on the strip where you can purchase seats, or you can find them on various online outlets. Do your research and treat yourself to a show. You won’t regret it. 

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Tip 5: Rest up.

So yeah about that no sleeping in Vegas thing…that doesn’t apply to me. When on vacation, I tend to be a night owl so I take the mornings and early part of the day to reset, recharge and refuel. Along with getting my 6+ hours of necessary beauty sleep, I can be found lounging at a pool (before and after) the official pool party turn-ups. You also can never go wrong with a spa package to take some time to rejuvenate your body and your mind. And even though it can be the city that doesn’t sleep I have a funny feeling that you’ll find many people sneaking naps in between the hours of 8:30 pm and 11 pm on a regular basis. (Well, at least that’s where you’ll find me getting my nap in.) Those blackout curtains are a Godsend. Rest up, people. Trust me, you’ll need the energy for later.

For great ideas and late deals to rest up in Las Vegas,  Agoda has you covered

Tip 6: Stay hydrated.

Las Vegas is in the desert, with temperatures reaching 100+ of dry heat in the summer. It’s also a place where you can drink 24/7 pretty much anywhere (including walking around on the famous Las Vegas Strip). So it’s important that you stay hydrated my friends.

I like to have a bottle of water for every two red cups of Don Julio I consume. This little ratio seems to work for me and keeps me going. Staying hydrated sounds simple, but with so much liquor and activity floating around it can be easy to just get lost in the sauce and before you know it you’re completely dehydrated and down for the count.

If you want to make the most out of your Las Vegas experience, you have to take the time to nourish your body. I try to start each of my days with coconut water just for a few electrolytes and hydration. Remember, drink in one hand, a bottle of water in the other. This is especially important for solo travelers.

Tip 7: Be open to going with the flow.

Last but definitely not least, please be open to going with the flow. Las Vegas is a place where people are looking to have fun. Aside from a few favorite restaurants I like to frequent when visiting, I often find myself getting into whatever peaks my interest at the moment. Traveling solo, you’re on your own time and pace. Want to take a nap? Do that. Want to check out a pool party? Go for it. Stumble across a cool looking happy hour? Uh, duh. Meet some cool people at said happy hour that has a table at a party that you may or may not be on the guestlist for.. Okkkkrrr. 

The little city of Las Vegas can really be what you make of it. Have fun and be safe, because contrary to what they say… some things don’t stay in Vegas 🙂 

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