Plan Your Next 5 Day Staycation at the Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles

 Plan Your Next 5 Day Staycation at the Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles
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Living in Los Angeles, it’s easy to forget that this city is a top destination. From the UK to Central America, there’s a sparkle that seems to light up in one’s eye when you tell them you live in LA.

That said, we Angelenos usually are very grateful for all the perks that come with living in the city. Countless shopping and food options, scenic beaches, bustling nightlife, and year round average temps of around 78 degrees. That is until the heatwave hits and we all head to the internet to complain about how this heat will be the death of us. This summer has been particularly dreadful with a few relentless heatwaves and not many places to go to cool off.

The Roosevelt Hotel is walking distance from my place, and with its tropical scenery, delicious food and drink options and chill vibes, it’s also one of my favorite places to frequent in the summer. Thoughts of lounging by the pool, listening to the DJ sets, sipping on a pitcher of their delicious margaritas from the Tropicana Bar always take me to a great place. With Covid 19 taking over everything, my summer days of lounging and laughing with friends seemed very distant.

Thanks to my bestie, who decided to surprise me with a visit, summer wasn’t canceled. Relaxing by the pool at one of the most iconic hotels here in the city for a few days is exactly what we did amid soaring 99 degree temps. It was such an amazing experience I had to write about it.


Check in

Having the Roosevelt in walking distance definitely has its perks. After my girlfriend checked in she stopped by my place to say hello to the family. From there, we were on our way. After dropping off my bags, we took a quick tour of the hotel. It really is a sight to see. The Art Deco old Hollywood style comes together seamlessly with subtle textures and leathers, accents of fun colors sprinkled throughout the hotel let you know you’ve found the right place to relax and unwind. The stunning mural painted on the bottom of the Tropicana pool is a work of art itself. It was a little late in the evening after we finished our walk, so we decided to order a quick dinner from 25 Degrees and a cocktail from the bar.  Then we laid out for a bit by the pool, catching up and counting our blessings.


Take A Pool Day

If possible, start your day with room service! While the menus were slightly limited, we were able to indulge in a delicious breakfast and mimosa combo delivered to our door. We enjoyed ourselves on the balcony of our 2nd floor room. From there, we made our way to secure a couple of lounge chairs by the pool. Poolside service is also limited, but it was simply a matter of visiting the bar and placing your order.

From there, the staff (who were super friendly and responsive) delivered our meals and drinks. The scene was perfect, and while definitely a bit hot, we enjoyed our first full day at the Hollywood Roosevelt, poolside, indulging in a hearty lunch, light snacks and a pitcher (or two) of our favorite throwback drink from there, the Strawberry Jalapeño Margarita. Day 2 mission accomplished – do absolutely nothing.


Detox, Retox, Repeat

After a full day of relaxing and sunbathing, we found it a bit hard to rise from the comfort of our cozy hotel bed and perfectly air conditioned room. But work called. I made a quick trip back to my place to handle a bit of business, but not before stopping by one of my favorite juice bars – Open Source Organics. A quick ‘Joy Juice’ helped with my slight hangover and gave me the little pep I needed to focus on work.

Another close friend of mine was celebrating a birthday that evening so we decided to take it easy during the day and relax a few hours before beginning what we knew would be a long night. After I wrapped work, the bestie stopped by my home to fix a family feast of shrimp and grits for the fam before we dashed off for the night. Things got a little blurry a bit later that evening but I believe we stumbled back to our posh room around 3am.


Brunch Anyone?

We started our day with a delicious brunch at Eveleigh which was just a quick Uber ride from the hotel. After brunch, we headed back to the hotel to snag poolside chairs – it’s not everyday you’re a guest at one of the chicest hotels in Hollywood! After doing a little pre-gaming (we opted to switch it up with the Prickly Pear Margarita pitcher – yum!) we dragged ourselves from our lounge chairs and made our way over to a friend’s new place in Hollywood (again in walking distance) to celebrate her new accomplishment.


Shopping, Duh!

A trip to Los Angeles isn’t complete without a little shopping. Hollywood and Highland is a monumental shopping center and entertainment complex just a quick block away from the hotel. With stores like Zara, Forever 21, Sephora, and MAC it’s easy to spend a day browsing and grabbing a few things. From there, we walked just a few blocks east stopping over for a late lunch of wings, burritos and tequila at Hollywood Boulevard’s Tekila.

The night was still young. After a few cocktails we made our way back to the room to freshen up and head to West Hollywood EP & LP, a cool rooftop overlooking the hills. It was one of the few places open late during Covid, and it felt oddly good to be in a public place amongst others (socially distant of course) past 1am.

Is Los Angeles on your Travel To Do List?

The Hollywood Roosevelt was the perfect destination for our Los Angeles staycation. It’s centrally located (to both my home and everything else in Hollywood) and it’s stylish and chill vibe complemented our energy for the week. It was the perfect backdrop to catch up with a friend, lounge and chat with other hotel guests and take some much needed self care time for oneself. Speaking of self care, while we didn’t attend, there was a great Yoga offering that was being held on the bridge just a few steps outside of our room one morning. Can we say Namaste?

The Hollywood Roosevelt has something for everyone and they have gone above and beyond to accommodate their guests in these uncertain times – offering poolside sound bath meditations, drive in cinema options and even movie nights on Tuesdays. Whether you’re visiting the city or just looking to change the scenery for a couple of days. It’s always a good idea to stay connected with them via their social channels.

Be sure to check out what’s happening  over the next few weeks at the iconic Hollywood Roosevelt. Enjoy! 

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